Products & Services

Port & Power Plant Equipment Agent

Harbarindo Baharitama is the official representative of market-leading brands in the port and power plant industries.

Maintenance & After Sales Service

Harbarindo Baharitama provides after sales service and maintenance, with our experienced team and direct attention of our principals.

Sparepart & Crane Component Supplier

Harbarindo Baharitama provides various types of crane’s spare parts and components, such as spreaders, lamps, cabins, and others.

Refurbishment, Upgrading, Retrofit & Electrification

We experienced refurbishment, software updates, hardware upgrades, and electrification for various types of port and power plant equipment.

Customer Service & Technical Support

With our experience and expertise, Harbarindo Baharitama is always providing solutions to solve and troubleshoot any technical issues in the port and power plant industries.